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In the eyes of law a company is not merely an institution involved in the process of doing business. As the law the treats a company as a distinct legal person having the capacity to sue and being sued in its own name. Corporate law is a unique blend of laws and rules which do not merely look into the contracts of the company but the overall functioning of the company as a legal person having its own identity separate from its members.

Overcome the uphill of pending corporate litigation with our lawyers, having all-encompassing experience in corporate litigation including domains like multi-jurisdictional commercial & business affairs, legal structuring of commercial arrangements, corporate legal affairs, the formation of legal entities in India, corporate transactional matters, commercial contracts and documentation. Besides corporate litigation, we also specialize in various employment matters including drafting Contracts, ESOPs, Disciplinary Actions, and Termination.

Notably, we advised a multinational organisation based in the Middle East on cross-border transactions for execution of a construction project, assisting in its implementation by navigating through international tax laws and compliances. We have also guided a US-based company through regulatory and labour compliances in India, as well as the foreign investment guidelines.

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