Utsav Saxena


Utsav Saxena is an Associate in the Disputes Resolution Practice Team in the New Delhi office. He graduated from the National Law University, Tamil Nadu in B Com LLB (Hons.). Post-graduation he worked as a Judicial Law Clerk (Law Researcher) of a sitting Judge of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.

Having worked as a Judicial Law Clerk with a judge of the Delhi High Court for over a year, Utsav has a unique approach to briefs. He primarily handles matters in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, District Court and Tribunals in Delhi. He specialises in White Collar Crime, commercial and contractual disputes, Company Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Commercial Arbitration, Service Law and Matrimonial disputes.

He advises and represents clients across sectors and industries on issues concerning various civil, commercial, and criminal laws before multiple forums. He has also worked with multinational clients on investment in India, Corporate and Labour Law Compliances and contract negotiation. He represents and advises prominent clients in matters pertaining to Money Laundering, Corruption and Corporate Frauds across various forums.

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