Alternate Dispute Resolution/Domestic and International Commercial Arbitration

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With the Government of India highlighting the need for reform and the importance of alternate dispute resolution mechanisms, arbitration, mediation and conciliation methods have gained vast popularity. Discover the benefits of alternate dispute resolution with our team of lawyers specializing in the domain of commercial arbitration and other ADR mechanisms, unshackling your business from long-standing and resource-draining disputes.

Our panel of legal experts provide unequivocal legal advice not only on the complex domestic and international arbitration, but also on issues involving pre-arbitration strategy, settlement consultations, and representations during arbitral proceedings. We also have extensive experience in handling challenges and enforcement of arbitral awards before the Supreme Court and High Courts of India.

We represent government and corporate clients in international as well as domestic arbitrations seated in India and abroad. We regularly appear before the Supreme Court of India and the High Courts in matters pertaining to appointment of arbitrators, and challenges and execution of arbitral awards.

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